Thursday, June 5, 2008

Round 265

Date Released: June 5th, 2008.
Date Rewarded: June 12th, 2008.

A Chomby was walking down a path one day when Jhudora appeared in front of it. "Solve this puzzle, and you may pass," she said.

Suppose you're playing Destruct-O-Match III, and, on level one of Classic mode, you find that every block is the same colour!

How many points will you get for completing level one, assuming no powerups? Please submit only a number as your answer, with no extra information, or your answer may be disqualified.


Destruct-O-Match Stamp

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In Classic mode and level 1, if you destroy more than 15 blocks at a time (without a powerup), the number of points you get is twice of the number of destroyed blocks. If you clear all the blocks, you also get 100 bonus points. The whole wall is a rectangle of 14 block wide and 12 block high. The number of points you will get is
points = 14 * 12 * 2 + 100 = 436

Results: 4151 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 482 NP each.


FIYERO!!! said...

since the game has 12 x 14 pieces,and each piece has a value of 1 point, the answer should be ...


Digital said...

nuts..... I didnt think long enough before i submitted my answer.

each block is only worth one point, but when you get rid of a large number of blocks at the same time, you get more than 1 point per piece,

I dont think that for 30 pieces you get 30 points, I believe its higher

Digital said...

I just got 66 points for 33 blocks of blue on level 1 classic - doh! why did I rush

LC Solver said...

check the blog for hints and yes, the answer is not 168

Jennifer said...

i figured this one out on my own this time. got the same thing the site says. i really want a trophy.

LC Solver said...

very nice Jennifer. Good luck with it :)

Anonymous said...

This one was easy. :)

Vic Norman :) said...

LOL, wahoo!

"Dear Vic,

Congratulations! You have guessed correctly in the Lenny Conundrum game (round 265). You have won 482 NP!

Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team!"

Thanks LC Solver ;)

0z said...

oh wow what was the answer? i guessed 336.

and how did you figure it out?

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! You have guessed correctly in the Lenny Conundrum game (round 265). You have won 482 NP!