Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Round 2

Date released: March 27th, 2001.
Date rewarded: April 3rd, 2001.

A Skeith weighs 100 pounds plus half of his weight. How much does he weigh?


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Let x be the weight of the Skeith. We have:
x = 100 + 0.5x <=> 0.5x = 100 <=> x = 200

Another way to look at the puzzle is: the skeith weighs 100 pounds plus half of his weight. Therefore, 100 pounds must be the other half of his weight. Then, his weight is 200 pounds.

Therefore, the Skeith weighs 200 pounds.

Note: the game has the trophies.

Friday, March 23, 2001

Round 1

Date released: March 23rd, 2001.
Date rewarded: March 27th, 2001.

There are two Nimmos. The blue Nimmo points to the green one and says...

Brothers and sisters I have none,
But this Nimmo's father is my father's son...

My question is... What relation is the blue one to the green one?


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Let B - Blue Nimmo, G - Green Nimmo. B said: G's father = B's father's son. Since B does not have any brothers and sisters, he is the only son of his father. So B's father's son = B.

We then have G's father = B's father's son = B. Therefore, B is G's father. The answer should be: the Blue Nimmo is the father of the Green Nimmo.

Note: This is the first Lenny Conundrum ever. According to the news: "The first 1000 people to answer the riddle correctly will get a unique prize". The old Lenny Conundrum pose is below.