Tuesday, April 1, 2008

About us

Every week, The Neopets Team (TNT) releases a new Lenny Conundrum puzzle. We will try to post the hints to solve the current Lenny Conundrum puzzle while we don't want to give out the answer directly. Sometimes, solution is given out by us. Other times, the puzzle is solved by others. In any case, we always put the solution so you have chance to guess the answer. Answer will be posted when the contest is over. So, please don't include a specific number/answer in the comments. We will also try to post all the previous solutions of the Lenny Conundrum puzzles.

We hope you enjoy our blog and if you have any feedback to improve our blogs, feel free to drop us a comment. Thanks.

Notice: There was a busy time that we thought we had to shut down this blog. Fortunately, we didn't. This is our plan until further notice.

Every Wednesday: we create an entry for those who are interested in discussion. We may or may not be here to put the solution up. If we are here, we will update the solution.

Every weekend: we will guarantee to put the solutions up by weekends, could be earlier than that. You can check back any time. You can use the following feature or feed feature for easier notice.


Glorianne <;3)-- said...
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Moonheart said...

Why do you do this? Some people work very hard to find the answers, and you give out such obvious hints? This makes the prizes MUCH lower, and harder to get into the top 250! Like, let's say you are in a class that gives A's to the top 10. Do you let everyone see your test so they get a better chance? This only ruins your chances!

Please, can you maybe only give hints 1-2 days after it is released? Otherwise, it is unfair for people trying for the trophy/avatar/prize, who work it out. Better yet, don't give hints at all, because the prizes DRASTICALLY get smaller.

LC Solver said...

Glorianne, thanks for your comments. For some questions, I can solve myself, for some, I just computer and for the rest I found answer somewhere else (in several discussing forums).

Moonheart, if I don't do it, it doesn't mean others people will stop doing it. If you google, there are at least 2-3 forums discussing/reveal answers. At least in here, I show the methods for those who want to learn, rather than just copy and paste the answer. Even that, you will be surprised to see how many people still beg for answers even with obvious hints.

After all, LC is just a game. Eventually who want the trophy will get it (if they are fast/good enough). Knowledge may be more important for us.

jadon29 said...

plz help me understand the formulas I have no idea on wat they mean so if you can plz post a comment on here or email me at kibabladekk@hotmail.com

SimplicityCraft said...

thanks loads for the help you given. without this website i would never have figure out how lc actually works and the hints can actually make me go:" why didnt i think of that!" which was very fun.

@moon the prizes for lc isnt much from the start anyways. previously it may be 2k. with this website the most it reduce is to 500.. theres not much difference.. most people play lc is for the first 250 trophy... and most of the time if you rely on these sites to give hints you wont be the first 250 already..

m34n13 said...

And, I quote, "giving out the answer or obvious hints is against the rules" of the neopets Lenny Conundrum.

Even though you're not giving out the direct answer, you're still helping to ruin the game.

Those who are not good enough at this game do not deserve the trophy yet. It's just like any other game. They should either get better at it or wait until they luck upon an easy puzzle and hope that they're one of the first to solve it. If someone actually tries to solve the anwers the way the LC rules state, I'm sure that they'll get lucky and find the answers. I don't have the trophy yet, myself. But, I'm trying to get it and I will get it without cheating. It's people like you giving out the answers and making it nearly impossible for people to actually earn the trophy for themselves. It's unfair what you're doing.

And I saw that your excuse was, and I quote: "if I don't do it, it doesn't mean others people will stop doing it. If you google, there are at least 2-3 forums discussing/reveal answers. . . . After all, LC is just a game." And, after all, you're only making it easier for the lazies to take it over over.

孜歆 said...

Well, i would like to say that if you really do not mean to cheat, you would not bother to google and find this blog. Since you wrote its obvious hints, that means you have been looking through the hints!

By the way, if you realize, there are many puzzle solvers in the world, so even with the hints, its quite impossible to get the trophy.

Stop complaining, they are teaching us how to get the answers, which aids me in understanding the essence of the question. From them, eventually I learn to do it w/o the hints. So thank you LC Solver n the group!

sakurablossom741 said...

thank you so much for help on the solutions. i would not be able to find answers without your guidance. keep this blog going. and thank you again.

LC Solver said...

Thanks for everyone comments and supports. The argument to post obvious hints can be continued over and over again.

Our point for the blog is: instead of the hard puzzles that make people give up early on the game, the hints will help them understand more and get them to solve the problem. You may have different point of view but we do what we want to do.

ellie said...

Er, m34n13

If you do now want to cheat, then in the first place why did u even ended up in this werblog? This doesn't quite makes sense. Also, sometimes, the answer or rather hints might be so obvious but u would really be surprised how many different variant answers there may be in the comments page. Lolx, and I come here only 1 day after I submitted my answer, or unless I feel that the question is too complicated and I wouldn't want to participate, would I only come here to understand the "concept" how the answers are being solved out.

Anyway, thx to the group for posting the solutions that enable us to learn and understand the concept to how the snwers are being worked out.

meanie said...

omg lol xP it's still up o.O and in reply to the ones that question me, I stay home all day long and I have nothing better to do than be bored on the computer, and after I get all of my dailies and whatnots done on neo, I tend to just randomly search google. I came accross this blog, and decided to post something, that's all. You guys are a bunch of cheaters. and ellie, if YOU really meant not to cheat, and you only wanted to find out what the answer was AFTER you answer on neo, then why are you arguing me on this? it makes no sense O.o If they REALLY want to do this, they should just post the solutions AFTER the current puzzle is over.

And 孜歆, I'm so glad you're smart enough to figure that out *sarcastic lol* why are you even here, then? and btw, I only put that because I'd already solved it and that was the time that the maker of this monstrosity was away (I read the comment, and ask them for yourself :))

Well, now that I know people are replying to my comments, I may come back sooner next time to read them tootles cheaters ^_~

LC Solver said...

meanie. Whatever I need to say, I already said. So like it or not, we're here. You think us as cheaters, I think us as helpers, and I don't have anything to be ashamed of. Maybe you're here to search for answers too, who knows? lolz :)

孜歆 said...

Well, Meanie, the reason why I'm even here is simple, i subscribe to this blog. I only read the comments and reply, and of course, also to thank LC for their help before I started solving the puzzles myself.

You can't just condemn their efforts to help others understand the game.
This really makes the game competitive and much more fun, though I disapprove of them really giving out the answers, like the recent Round 285. Hope LC can find a way to HINT us for such questions instead.

Anonymous said...

hello, do you know the hour when a new Lenny C is released, or is it different?

mimibibi_lemonsqueezy said...

Everyone just be quiet and read this.

The people who are saying this website is bad obviously are people who are good at LC, and the people who say it is good are either LC Solver or people who are bad at LC. I am not on any side, but I would like to say a few things.

First off, do not say this website should be shut down, or anything dumb like that. And do not tell them it is against the rules. Obviously, if they have been doing LC for a long time they know the rules. Everyone breaks rules, and it is not your business whether or not they are.

Second, this website is for those who need help with the answers, and that is why the answers are not given directly, just big hints. LC Solver does not want to give the answers out directly, they just want to show how to get to the answer so that although they told you how, you still get to the answer yourself. This may be bad giving obvious hints, but at least you know how to do this sort of thing for next time, so you ARE LEARNING.

Do not trash talk anyone. If you do not like this site, then leave. It is your decision to be here or not, so if you do not like it you are WASTING YOUR TIME.

alin said...

Just wanted to say a couple of things...

For the people who want this site shut down: even though you get your wish, you'll probably win no more than an additional 2k (as someone mentioned), something you can earn easily on the flash games. If you're able to figure out the answers without going through these sites, then you should be able to get in the top 250.

If you are really stressed out because of the prizes (10k worth item + <2k cash), or if you think that this really "ruins" the game, perhaps you need to take some time off Neopets. TNT doesn't seem to be bothered by it, so why should you?

Clara said...

Hey, I know you are a busy person and all and I really appreciate all the effort you have given into this site.
I really am whether or not you have stopped posting new ones.

However, I need to ask you one question.
I read an article

I find the answer for the last question is retarded.

I mean, how on earth would I know his hair is purple?! No reasonable, logical thinking being will ever be able to know the answer unless the person who answered it is the question setter!

Pls, email me if you can, my email is clarac@singnet.com.sg

No matter how late, if you would give me a reply I would be most grateful.
Thank you. :D

. said...


There is NO REASON to post during the week a contest is going, if, indeed, you are "just learning".

Further, you said yourself the prizes are often 10,000 or so NP. I honestly don't care if it's 100 or 10,000. IF YOU CAN'T SOLVE IT, YOU DON'T DESERVE IT.


In the real world, if you steal money or things, the other person has to spend precious time making up for it. Even if it is an HOUR of work for those 8 dollars, why should they spend a precious second of their life dealing with a rotting beggar?

If you want to learn, learn, learn from all the previous contests, and wait for the current one to finish.

Do not take another's work in ANY PORTION and claim it as your own. You do not deserve those prizes. You are no better than a scammer who takes another's account, neopoints, or accomplishments for free.

Until you've "learned" or been "helped" enough that you can solve them on your own, you deserve nothing.

Those are the rules of the contest. Either get the hell out of the way, or get rid of this blog.

I don't care who says what or thinks what about giving someone unearned answers. It's a COMPETITION, based on EVERY INDIVIDUAL'S ABILITY.

And don't whine that there are other thieves, so you get to do it too. You're still stealing, and other people who earned something have to pay for YOUR MISDEEDS.

You don't take some good author's work in the world and claim it as your own to win a prize to make yourself feel better about your incompetence. Notice how those Stamp Albums are MILLIONS and neither you nor I will probably get the avatars for completing them? If you can't pay, in this case with your ability, then you don't deserve it.

I and many other clever people look for solutions afterwards, WHEN THE COMPETITION IS NO LONGER RUNNING.

Change the blog. Or take it down. You are violating the Terms of Service and have been warned.

. said...

First of all, it is not the prizes that get ruined. People who aren't good enough simply DO NOT deserve the prizes, much less being in the top 250 if they make it. This is how the real world works. The monetary worth of the prizes is not the specific point. The point is that the prizes are UNEARNED.

I have, in the past, been a chess player. I have gone to tournaments where the prize was 5 dollars. Why did I play? Because, like the conundrum, it was a COMPETITION. A contest measuring the INDIVIDUAL ability of the competitors. When I won that COMPETITION, that money was mine. Something I EARNED. I did not have the world chess champion occasionally peering over my shoulder solving problems which were too hard for me. -I- earned it.

Would I give tips to someone who was "trying really hard but just wasn't good enough" during a game? Even if they whined that they were "trying their hardest and could never be good enough on their own"? NEVER! But after a game, I'd happily explain things to them. Would I give any BEGGAR an unearned chunk of my prize? No.

Most of you know it is wrong to steal even ONE CENT from someone. I don't care how much money they have. What makes you think you can do it here?

If you are not capable enough in the world for a job, you will not earn the money. You could be begging for a CENT, and I would not give it to you unearned. No one is going to step in and make you feel like you can get the answers. Get used to it.

And do not come crying about how umimportant it is to you because you think it is a game. You would not cheat on a game show against other contestants for the money. No matter how unimportant it is to you, it is a COMPETITION. That means whatever the monetary value of the prizes, YOU MUST EARN THEM BASED ON YOUR ABILITY.

Do not whine that you are too dumb, tired, haven't studied these things. The rest of us did not know the calculus required to solve these conundrums at one point or another. We learned it. Go learn it too.

DeeDee said...

Well, . even in the real world people cheat or try to get hints whether or not it is just a game. It's survival of the fittest. Even some of the top money making people of the world have cheated, lied, or tried to get hints. While there are some people who have "Done the right thing" and tried to figure it for themselves who are still on the bottom latter. Help comes to those who try to help themselves first. So sue me if I'm trying to help myself to some hints or answers. So, don't try to down anybody, terms or no terms, because of blogs like these. There can't possibly be any human on this earth who has never cheated in someway. Get over it.

Callam Froot said...

Your a bit out of date !