Friday, March 23, 2001

Round 1

Date released: March 23rd, 2001.
Date rewarded: March 27th, 2001.

There are two Nimmos. The blue Nimmo points to the green one and says...

Brothers and sisters I have none,
But this Nimmo's father is my father's son...

My question is... What relation is the blue one to the green one?


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Let B - Blue Nimmo, G - Green Nimmo. B said: G's father = B's father's son. Since B does not have any brothers and sisters, he is the only son of his father. So B's father's son = B.

We then have G's father = B's father's son = B. Therefore, B is G's father. The answer should be: the Blue Nimmo is the father of the Green Nimmo.

Note: This is the first Lenny Conundrum ever. According to the news: "The first 1000 people to answer the riddle correctly will get a unique prize". The old Lenny Conundrum pose is below.

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