Thursday, May 29, 2008

Round 264

Date Released: May 29th, 2008.
Date Rewarded: June 5th, 2008.

A Chomby was walking down a path one day when Jhudora appeared in front of it. "Solve this puzzle, and you may pass," she said.

What is the missing word in this sequence?

Please enter only a single word, with no other information. Otherwise, your entry will be disqualified.


Top Secret Skeith Stuff

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Check out the Neoboards and the description of each board:

Avatars/Neosignatures: ... Item pools are a scam and are not allowed!
Battledome: ... Anything and everything Battledome is in here.
Beauty Contest: ... regarding YOUR OWN Beauty Contest entry!)
Customisation: ... that would be embarassing.
Evil Things and Monster Sightings: ... This board is for you.
Fan Clubs: ... Discuss it here!
Games: ... Yup, the Games board is for you.

Each word in the sequence is the last word of each board's description. Therefore, answer should be embarassing. Note that the answer is a common misspelling word.

Results: 3983 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 503 NP each.


liceth fernanda said...

what's the answer?

Anonymous said...

*fingers crossed*

Natalia Resende said...

So cool, thx for the help. Hope I be fast!

Fred said...
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tabitha said...
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Tabi said...

It amazes me that you make that so easy for us and still have someone asking what the answer is. Thank you for your help...always! Even when I can't get the answer.

bhavenkapadia said...

im with tabi, you really have to have no sense to not understand where the answer is coming from. anyways, to lcsolver, you are great thanks to your help i finally managed the avatar! :D

Digital said...

piscions regarding the answer. But Be ware as It is a global site and spellings differ from england, to us to australia etc, copy and pate the word.

Good luck - I'm pretty certain this is the answer

heartlodestar said...


Paula said...

I hate when the site must be in English to get the answer, TNT seem to forget that not all users are from countries whose language is English. Thanks for the help of every week!

LC Solver said...

you're all welcome. If your question is reasonable, don't hesitate to ask but if it's just begging for answer, it will be ignored.

No hurt to ask as I won't bash any questions but if it's ignored, you know that too much :)


wait... i dont quite understand the puzzle... will someone explain it to me please??

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! You have guessed correctly in the Lenny Conundrum game (round 264). You have won 503 NP!
yey ty

J.Miyamoto said...

In response to Paula, the LC isn't viewable in countries where English isn't spoken--or, more accurately, when English is not the language chosen in the language bar.

Hi! I found your blog through some fellow solvers [we help each other find the solution but also try not to come straight out and give the answer].

J.Miyamoto said...

Correction: That is, the LC is already hard enough in English, especially with so many people entering who have to harass other people for the answer because they can't figure it out for themselves! Imagine the trouble they'd have when trying to translate it!