Thursday, June 26, 2008

Round 268

Date Released: June 26th, 2008.
Date Rewarded: July 2nd, 2008.

A Grarrl was walking down a path one day when Illusen appeared in front of it. "Solve this puzzle, and you may pass," she said.

Another ancient tomb in the Lost Desert has the following grid of letters engraved on the tomb door:

If the correct letters are engraved on the tomb door, it will open. However, the last column of letters is missing.

If you figure out what the missing letters are and read down the last column of letters, what will it spell? For example, if the last column's letters were A, B, C, D, E, and F, you would submit "ABCDEF". Please submit your answer with NO SPACES; do not submit ANY information other than the answer. Otherwise, your submission may be disqualified.


Basic Spelling Songs

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If you convert the letters into numbers using the following scheme, you will get a grid of numbers.
A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, ... X = 24, Y = 25, Z = 26

The grid of numbers is:


Notice that in the first row, each number is larger than its previous number by 8, i.e. 11 = 3 + 8, 19 = 11 + 8... Also, if a number is greater than 26, it can be converted into a modulo [1] of 26 (or subtracted by 26). In this case 19 + 8 = 27 and 27 mod 26 = 1 (or 27 - 26 = 1). So, you can find the last number by adding 8 into the fifth number in the first row (mod 26 if necessary)

In the second row, similar to the first row, but you need to add 10 (and do 26-modulo operation if necessary). Third row, add 12 (mod 26 if necessary). Forth row, add 14 (mod 26 if necessary). Fifth row, add 16 (mod 26 if necessary). Last row, add 18 (mod 26 if necessary).

After you get all the numbers in the last column, convert them back into letters using the above mapping technique. The answer is QASALB.

Results: 5199 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 385 NP each.

[1] Modulo operation


Irene said...

thankyou so much!!! ^^

Rodrunner said...

B instead of A?

LC Solver said...

that's right.

LC Solver said...

Sorry I deleted your comments but please don't post the answer here. Your answer is not correct though. (off by one letter)

Kitty said...

Oh, sorry. But thanks.

Kitty said...

Ugh, It's still not a word. Sorry for all the spammage.

Anitka said...

Having the same problem. I can't seem to turn it into a word.

Mafalda said...

"Notice that the answer is a misspelling word." :)

Anitka said...

It doesn't even look like a misspelled word. Unless its a neopet word that I don't recognize.

LC Solver said...

Thanks malfada. Look at the prize for this week and you'll see :)

LC Solver said...

It is a neopets word. The misspelled letter is the last one. That's all I can say.

Anitka said...

Thanks a lot. :)

Ivy said...


catriona said...

There are only 26 letters in the alphabet. So how can you do 18 + 10?

Media Resource Library CCA said...

Hello sorry but could explain how to do mod operation?i don't really understand..

Anonymous said...

With something over 26 you have to subtract 26 from it. So if you get the number 28 subtract it from 26 and you get 2

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Do I have to correct the word, or just submit it with the mistake?

LC Solver said...

if you correct the word, you will be wrong.

The Food Critic said...

Thanks! I understand it! It's a good thing that I learned mods this year. I'll probably go over it next year.

What a helpful blog!

LC Solver said...

if you got 6 letters, just go ahead and submit it. Don't post the answer here.

ToriTitus said...

I got a pretty wacky answer. I don't see how it could be a mispelled word, but if it is are we supposed to try an spell it right then submit or submit it spelled wrong?

LC Solver said...

submit it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooo much! i hope i got it right! :]

Jennifer said...

Dear ______,

Congratulations! You have guessed correctly in the Lenny Conundrum game (round 268). You have won 385 NP!

Yours Sincerely,
The Neopets Team!