Thursday, October 2, 2008

Round 281

Date Released: October 2nd, 2008.
Date Rewarded: October 9th, 2008.

Walking into Chesterdrawer's Antiques, you notice several clocks on the wall. The first clock reads 9:00, the second reads 6:07, the third 10:45, the fifth 7:45, the sixth 7:52, and the seventh 4:37.

What should the fourth clock read?


Grandfather Clock

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First we convert the clock time into position of hour and minute hands of 12 hour dial face. Then, we use the Flag Semaphore Character chart [1] to decode the hands.


9:00 => P
6:07 => E
10:45 => O
(the 4th clock)
7:45 => H
7:52 =>I
4:37 => N

The word would be PEOPHIN (which is a name of a pet species). Therefore, the 4th letter is P which is the same as the first one. The answer is 9:00.

Results: 1885 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 1062 NP each.

[1] Flag Semaphore Characters


Rodrigo said...

cool =)
with the hint it was easy
but i think i will not get the trophy =(

Seiko_Jr said...

I still dont get what those have to do with the clock

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. This round of LC is easy to solve. :)

theCrew said...

i still dont get it, got anymore hints?

Olinda said...

It´s easy!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't really understand, can anyone send me a message telling me the answer?:)

Anonymous said...

i dotn really understand either, if anyone knows the answer can the tell me or give me a hint ill understand

Happy said...

it took like 5 min, but I got it, I think that 250 people got it b4 me and i didn't get a trophy, oh well. I haven't any!

Happy said...

OK, here's hint. Go to the website and turn all the times into a letter. Then, turn it into a number. you may need to change it, but it is a real time and enter it

Seiko_Jr said...

ok I have tried it with the chart and the only thing I come up with by turning the time into letters is peophin and that not petpet species is a pet species and the numbers I get are 589 cause the other letters dont have numbers

SONJA ! said...

How do you change times?
Is 6.07 = FKG?

iPanda said...

I get it now! Thanks LC Solver!

mohd_azim said...

Can anyone explain to me.I don't understand.

Jennifer said...

nice method, but how did you know?

Shane said...

I still dont know. email or neomail it to me. my email is and my neopets user is ash10219

Jacob said...

I got the neopet quiggle, but I dont know how to translat, pls help

Anonymous said...

Can someone email it to me? I don't understand :)

Happy said...

pretend the is 798. 7:98 doesnt exist. I think that it might mean 98 mins past 7. Being 8:39. I think thats the answer, that's all im gonna tell you.

Happy said...

Sorry wait, being 8:38.

Digital said...

I am so lame and can never solve the conundrums on my own.


use the link that the LC Solver posted above

then on paper draw 7 circles. mark them 1 through to 7 and then draw on them like they are clock faces - obviously leaving number 4 blank.

now take your pictures and use the semaphore page to decode the letters

NB - dont enter the species name, but rather the time that would point to the missing letter ( ie: clock 4)

sorry if ive broken any rule by trying to simplify this further, but it is monday!

Anonymous said...

Don't overthink the solution for this one. The answer is right under your nose. If the numbers don't make any sense then it's probably wrong.

Anonymous said...

how did you knew about the semaphore?