Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Round 23

Date released: August 29th, 2001.
Date rewarded: September 12th, 2001.

The Fontaine sisters are seamstresses by trade. They have been commissioned to create as many 2 by 3 feet rectangular Jolly Roger flags as they can for the pirates in their village, so Loretta Fontaine has gone out to buy cloth to embroider.

Dark cloth costs 150 Neopoints a foot and comes in a roll five feet wide. It can be bought in any length (even down to the inch). She has a total of 1,260 Neopoints to spend on the cloth.

How many WHOLE Jolly Roger flags will they be able to make???



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Number of feet of the Dark cloth that the Fontaine sisters can buy:
1260 / 150 = 8.4 ft

The area of the bought cloth:
8.4 * 5 = 42 ft²

Number of possible whole flags with that area of the cloth:
42 / (2 * 3) = 7

However, if we check the below figure, the is no way to make 7 flags from the cloth (each flag must have 2 ft x 3 ft dimension). The sisters can make maximum 6 flags from the cloth.

Therefore, the Fontaine sisters can make 6 whole Jolly Roger flags.

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