Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Round 290

Thanks for all the comments. Look like it is a good answer

Advent Calendar NP rewards:

Day 1: 324 NPs
Day 2: 945 NPs
Day 3: 394 NPs
Total: 324 + 945 + 394 = 1663 NPs

Day 4: 295 NPs
Day 5: 953 NPs
Day 6: 279 NPs
Total: 295 + 953 + 279 = 1527 NPs

Day 7: 273 NPs
Day 8: 479 NPs
Day 9: 374 NPs
Total: 273 + 479 + 374 = 1126 NPs

Day 10: 179 NPs
Day 11: 278 NPs
Day 12: 639 NPs
Total: 179 + 278 + 639 = 1096 NPs

Day 13: 730 NPs
Day 14: 579 NPs
Day 15: ? NPs
Total: 730 + 579 + ? = 1309 + ? = ? NPs

Good luck :)


Ademar said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to do here with this one yet. I hope I still make the top 250.

Tanisha said...

I believe i know what to do... and if I am right then the answer is not available currently


Ademar said...

Advent Calendar *O* NPS

324 + 945 +394 =1663
295+ 953+279 =1527
273+ 479+ 374 =1126

But teh sequence is incomplete :/

Ademar said...


Tanisha said...

Yup Ademar thats what I figured out before I posted :P

So We wait..

Ademar said...

Until when?

Tomorrow + Friday = 917

Saturday + Sunday + Monday = What we need?

freeways said...

Hm, when will we get the answer?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. There is no answer?

Ademar said...

LC Solver: the answer will bem avaiable only in Dec 15

Megan said...

It all seems quite obvious now. I was using math like it was a number sequence. I used logarithms and square roots and everything else I could think of. Dreadful.

I guess we wait until the 12th.

Ademar said...

Because today is the 10th of the month. So that is 10 different advent amounts of the 12 needed just to total the 4th deposit amount. And we need to determine the amount of the 5th deposit...

my english is very bad x.x'

RakysAngel said...

how is it incomplete.

We should know what we got on the tenth.. we only need two more days.. if it is 917 for thursday and friday.. then .. we should be able to add todays to 917.. yes?

RakysAngel said...


We need to know what the fourth deposit is. Not the Fifth.

Jeremy said...

how about the last number "1096"??
I think we need to wait till the 15th~right?

Ademar said...

No, the fourth is 1096 neopoints :)

LC Solver said...

yes. Sorry my bad :)

RakysAngel said...

Oh no.. I am wrong.. Ademar is right.

The fourth Deposit Equals 1096 .. so we will get 917 for a total thursday and friday. *nodding lots* see it now.

So.. we need Sat, Sun, & Mon.

I wonder if it's completely random.. or if they go by past years?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain how you come up with the numbers, and how you add the days to me please?

LC Solver said...

I'm not really sure if it's random or not but I don't see any relationship from previous years.

LC Solver said...

rainhero18: the NPs is the NPs award by the Advent Calendar each day of this year...

RakysAngel said...

Ya know. Reading it again. It doesn't actually say .. that the 1096 was deposited. ..

I don't see how that person could have deposited the 1096.. as he doesn't have enough to deposit that much... o.O

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it now, lol. Thank you, so we do have to wait. ^^

LC Solver said...

yeah, that for the future deposition :)

Jeremy said...

To RakysAngel

but if it had already told us the forth number, what number do we need to submit for the answer?

Will said...

I'm happy that this one can't be answered yet (I'm not at a computer when it comes out), but unhappy that people will have 16 hrs on the 15th before I get home -sigh-

Becca said...

Cool! Maybe I'll finally get a trophy.

I was thinking it had something to do with leet speak. I spent a while trying to decipher it on my own.

Diana said...

I think have no choice but to wait till the 15th. People on the boards on neo are saying they've figured it out though which makes me wonder....

Diana said...

we* have no choice.

T.N. said...

But I did it like this & lots of people on the boards found the answer already. I used:
Then I figured it out like this:
So the next number should be:
Therefore the answer is:

Am I right? xD

Anonymous said...

278 nps was collected today.

Day 10: 179 NPs
Day 11: 278 NPs
Day 12: ? NPs
Total: 179 + 278 + ? = ? NPs

179 + 278 = 457

Eric said...

Any luck finding a pattern in the daily amounts? I'm coming up empty.

Lauren said...

i think the answer is 665 i dont no tho

Diana said...

You find 639 Neopoints!!!

179 + 278 + 639 = 1096 NPS

Just the last three left now. I think to be sure we have to wait till the 15th.

jake said...

can u guys find ANY patterns in the advent money? it would help a ton if we knew what the next money give away would be.

Eric said...

It might seem interesting that




result in the same numbers, but it's not. I would really be surprise if (A-B)+(B-C) wasn't equal to A-C.

998 and 665 are meaningless.

kelly said...

well the answer is not 665 as saturdays np was 730 but sunday's has been gliched so i can't help you there yet

Anonymous said...

The glitch has been fixed. You get 579 NP for today.

Diana said...

437 NP today. Now we just need to add up the three and submit the answer! Good luck everyone!

Becca said...

I stayed up until 4am my time to put in my answer. I got a trophy. :)