Friday, July 6, 2001

Round 16

Date released: July 6th, 2001.
Date rewarded: July 10th, 2001.

Senator Barca came rushing over the Sand Dune to talk to Peopatra. 'Help, Im being chased by Grundos. Can I hide here???'. Peopatra nodded and lifted up the carpet concealing the trapdoor in the floor of her tent.

All but two of the Grundos chasing Barca were Green, all but two of the Grundos were Purple, and all but two of the Grundos were Red.

How many Grundos were chasing Barca???


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Let x be the number of Grundo.
Number of Green Grundos: x - 2
Number of Purple Grundos: x -2
Number of Red Grundos: x -2

Therefore, number of all Grundos:
(x - 2) + (x - 2) + (x - 2) = x <=> 3x - 6 = x <=> 2x = 6 <=> x = 3

There are 3 Grundos. (one of each color)


lbhlbh said...

3 GRUNDOS!!!!!!

lbhlbh said...

I did not use the solution because i have heard a question similar to this.